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Accompagnato da esperti professioisti tecnici meccanici, guide ufficiali della federazione Ciclistica italiana.
We’ve been offering you the best service for 30 years
Are you looking for a bike to ride on holiday?
Explore the hills of Lucca with a local guide!
Looking for a fully customized cycling experience?

October ’93 is when I started my first business working with bikes in Via del Sasso in Lucca.
I wasn’t, in fact, a newcomer to this world as years before I had competed in races in the junior categories.
I knew right from the start, from that early experience, that I was deeply interested in taking part in everything that had to do with bikes.
In Via del Sasso I rented and repaired bikes and then went on to selling them.
I realised I had embarked on the path I wanted – passion and work coincided – and so I moved Chronò to Corso Garibaldi.

Our BIKES to rent
Are you looking for a bike to ride in your favorite Tuscan city or scenery? We got you covered!
We offer the following types of bike to rent:
Our fleet of rental bikes is renewed every year, in order to let our customers experience the Tuscan roads on the newest bikes available in the market.  Furthermore, every time that a bike returns after a rental, we get it completely checked-up and cleaned, in order to provide always smooth and clean bikes.
What’s included in the rental cost:
– Bike rental.
– Pedals (Look Keo or Shimano road / mtb or flat).
– Repair kit (spare inner tube, tire levers, CO2 cartridge).


Pinarello X5

These bikes have been specifically designed to maximize rider comfort and vibration absorption, thanks to the innovative use of carbon fiber and a redesigned rear triangle.

Colnago V3

It blends technical solutions that aim at lightness with aerodynamic details. The line is clean and essential, it can be fitted with covers up to 28 inches. V3 is available in eight sizes and in a single version with disc brakes.



Pinarello F5

70 years of history and expertise in creating bikes for the strongest cyclists in the world have allowed us to design this new ultra-high performance frame also available with multiple types of carbon fiber and different assemblies to make our iconic performance and geometries at a greater number of competitive cyclists. There is no climb without a flat road or a descent to face. For this reason Pinarello F excels on all terrains.



Get ready for your next adventure. No matter how long or how far, ride, get lost as you explore new roads and find your deepest soul again. Enjoy this new experience, explore new destinations and share them while you are in the most remote places on Earth..

Kalkhoff ENTICE 1.B MOVE

On long hikes, on the way to work or immersed in nature, Performance Line transforms e-bikers into discoverers and adventurers. The powerful unit delivers the required power at any time. Bottom line: in every situation you get the perfect support for even more fun in the saddle, up to 25 km with Drive Unit Performance Cruise.


For women style and elegance combined with the best components to celebrate a century of Ganna bicycles. Respect for tradition looking to the future. Lightness and maximum maneuverability to move easily in the urban context.



For men style and elegance combined with the best components to celebrate a century of Ganna bicycles. Respect for tradition looking to the future. Lightness and maximum maneuverability to move easily in the urban context.
“The bike embodies the myth of the free man.” Aligi Sassu.
 “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, because you have to sweat in the hills and freewheel down the slopes”.Ernest Hemingway
Individual or group
tours organized on request

Let’s take the measurements



Per potervi dare la miglior esperienza possibile vi chiediamo la vostra altezza totale come indicato nella figura A.
Se siete amanti delle bici da corsa vi richiediamo di mandarci le misure indicate nella figura B se possibile.
In order to give you the best possible experience we ask for your body height as indicated in figure A.
If you love racing bikes, we ask you to send us the measurements  as indicated in figure B. if is possible.
Grazie/Thank you
Compila il modulo di noleggio / Fill out the rental form


    Let's take a ride on the WALLS OF LUCCA

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