The bikes come with:

• Repare kit

• Look Keo pedals or Shimano SPD pedals

• Water bottle

Carbon T700 UD

Il segreto della fibra T700 Toray Carbon è quello di mantenere reattività e prestazioni alte ma di offrire uno smorzamento superiore per assorbire tutte le vibrazioni della strada. Più comfort, più divertimento.
The secret of the T700 Toray Carbon fiber is to keep responsiveness and performance high but to offer superior damping to absorb all the vibrations of the road. More comfort, more fun.


L’instradamento interno dei cavi è all’avanguardia per l’industria delle biciclette. Il sistema consente sia di installare gruppi meccanici od elettromeccanici e nasconde completamente i cavi all’interno di piega/attacco manubrio o manubrio integrato per migliorare le prestazioni aerodinamiche e la protezione.
Internal cable routing is state-of-the-art for the bicycle industry. The system allows both to install mechanical or electromechanical groups and completely hides the cables inside the handlebar / stem or integrated handlebar to improve aerodynamic performance and protection.


Il lavoro di affinamento si è concentrato anche sui chainstay. L’effetto ottenuto aumentando le sezioni per migliorare la reattività del telaio è immediatamente percepibile nei rilanci o quando ci si alza sui pedali per uno scatto in salita.

The refinement work also focused on chainstays. The effect obtained by increasing the sections to improve the reactivity of the frame is immediately noticeable in the relaunches or when you get up on the pedals for a sprint uphill.


Let’s take the measurements

If you are a racing bike lover, measure the one you usually use to give us the opportunity to guarantee you the best experience.

In collaborazione con MOST, sono stati realizzati una nuova serie di manubri ed attacchi manubrio TiCR™ ready, pronti ad accogliere quindi l’integrazione totale dei cavi.

In collaboration with MOST, a new series of TiCR ™ ready handlebars and stems have been created, ready to accommodate the total integration of cables.


L’impiego di una tubazione concava unita alle nuove forme in prossimità del movimento centrale sono soluzioni orientate ad annullare l’impatto aerodinamico delle due borracce.
Come da filososfia Pinarello il down tube è traslato a destra per aumentare l’effetto assimetrico del telaio e migliorare la resistenza ai carichi di trazione imposti dal lato trasmissione.

The use of a concave tubing combined with the new shapes near the bottom bracket are solutions aimed at canceling the aerodynamic impact of the two bottles.
As per the Pinarello philosophy, the down tube is shifted to the right to increase the asymmetrical effect of the frame and improve the resistance to traction loads imposed on the transmission side.

Fork flap

La nuova forcella della Prince ha subito modifiche rilevanti vantando ora una completa integrazione dei cavi . Inoltre, una linea più filante e il miglioramento del flusso aerodinamico ottenuto grazie alla tecnologia ForkFlap™ ottimizzano i flussi attorno all’attacco ruota.

The new Prince fork has undergone significant changes, now boasting complete cable integration. In addition, a more streamlined line and the improved aerodynamic flow obtained thanks to the ForkFlap ™ technology optimize the flows around the wheel attachment.

Let’s take a ride

Bike Experience
Clients say about us
Chronò. Italian Bike Experience. It is pleasure to offer our deepest knowledge regarding the best bike
rides in Lucca to our guest coming from every places ..
S. Tyler Hendrix

These guys were great. And the bikes were very nice. And we had a lovely time riding around Lucca and out to Villa Reale to eat lunch and drink wine. We would definitely recommend renting bikes from Chrono and using them to enjoy the Tuscan countryside.

Koen .Van Dessel

We (4 cycling friends) rented road bikes for four days to ride in the region. Communication was fluid and fast. The bikes (Pinarello Gan Disc) were in very good conditions and Paladino, the owner was very friendly and helpful. Some good advice on trips and fast technical assistance when needed before a ride. The city of Lucca is a perfect starting and end point, with its bars, restaurants and charming piazza’s. The region is very diverse, with some flat roads, but also some very beautiful hills and mountains. Recommended!

Silvia Pardini

Nolo bici dentro le.mura di Lucca, bici da città e da strada ottimamente mantenute , le bici da strada praticamente nuove marca Pinarello e Colnago.

Jonathan Chow

Excellent bike shop. Rent a casual city bike to tour the city walls. Rent a high end pinarello to see why Lucca is an cycling epicenter!

Schermata 2022-05-27 alle 09.46.58
Jonathan Chow

Great bikes. Well maintained and friendly staff. No advertising on the bikes 😀. I would definitely rent from them again. If I had more time I would have had a good look around the shop had some good clothing.

Schermata 2022-05-27 alle 09.55.03
Jonathan Chow

Excellent hiring experience. Helpful staff. (Excellent English spoken which made up for my dreadful Italian!) Hired bikes for three hours. Cycled along the city walls and through the narrow streets. Great way to see the city.

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